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  • 7 Reputable Pet Sellers in America

    A majority of people love pets. Well, according to the American Pets product Association (APPA) about 70% of American households have pets. However, getting a well-bred pet can be a daunting task. The reason is that some pet mills have inhumane breeding conditions.

    It is therefore imperative that you take extra caution when buying pets and ensure you do due diligence before making the purchase.  Some places have a restriction on certain pet breeds and sizes. More importantly, ensure that the breeders have a health clearance and recognized pet organizations such as by American Kennel Club (AKC).

    It is also prudent to ensure that you ensure that you are well aware of pet health, training, affordability, and regulations. More importantly, ensure you are conversant with pet purchase process.

    Basically, you can either buy a pet from:

    • Pet Breeders
    • Rescue centers
    • Pet stores

    We have gathered reputable places to buy pets in the list below to help you narrow down the options and make the process a breeze. Without much further ado, below are the best places you can buy pets.


    Petsmart is the biggest pets store in North America. With more 1600 stores it offers a myriad of pets’ selection including fish, birds, guinea pigs, and reptiles. They also sell dog grooming and training services. What’s more, is that they offer daycare and boarding facilities for cats and dogs.

    Petsmart even has a partnership with local shelters and rescues to help willing owners find pets to adopt in their areas. In fact, they have spaces in their stores to help adoptable pets find homes.

    So far, they have saved over 8 million pets through adoption.

    Baycrest Akita

    Baycrest Akita is dog breeding facility located in Maryland. They sell puppies only to homes qualified for lifetime rearing. They boast of producing tip-top quality dogs for more than 20 years. In fact, they have won several awards and championships including Award for Merit and Best in Sociality Show Winners. Bay Crest Akitas have been able to dogs with a strong Akita type, mostly containing Japanese Akita Pedigree.

    These breeders produce healthy dogs through selective breeding. Puppies are not always available. In fact, they do breeding on limited bases.  The good news is that they always show available puppies on their website.

    Farmhouse Hounds

    Farmhouse Hounds are reputable dogs’ breeders. They have been breeding basset hounds for more 40 years. According to information on their website, their pets are playful and well tempered. Farmhouse Hounds Basset Hounds undergo through health clearances. The hounds are bred from America bred bassets and Championship European dogs. The breeders are located in Jasper, Georgia.

    Legend Bichons

    Legend Bichons are located in California.  Their dogs are bred from championship line are popular for breeding WKC championship and certified therapy dogs. Before breeding, the dogs undergo all necessary before breeding. Legend Bichons has a reputation for breeding quality dogs. They are getting as merit breeder by AKC. Similarly, Legend Bichons are certified by Bichon Frise Club of America.  If you plan to buy a dog pet in California, we would recommend Legend Bichons.

    Sierra Fish and Pets

    Sierra Fish is a store that sells fish, birds and reptile pets. The store was established in 1972 and is based in Seattle, Washington. In addition, it provides an array of pet supplies. Before you keep a fish pet, ensure you are well conversant with how to keep it. You can learn how to keep Auratus Cichlid fish here.

    CTC Aussies

    CTC Aussies is an AKC breeder of merit-based in Washington. Their dogs excel in performance and conformation.  Western Washington Shepherd Association and United States Australian Shepherd Association recognize CTC Aussies breeder. The rather small breeder prides itself in quality earning ASCA DNA certification. Their dogs are registered with both AKC bad ASCA.

    To prove their commitment to quality, they have an annual eye examination by CERF as well as HSF6 and MDRA gene mutation.  All adult dogs hips are rated “good” by OFA.CTC Aussies only sell their puppies in face to face transaction. Therefore, you should be prepared to make plans to see the puppies. The arrangements are made after they review your puppy questionnaire and ascertain if they have a puppy that will make a suitable match for you.

    Midway Tropical Fish

    Midway tropical fish is a pet store that offers fish as well as cats and dogs. They also stock pet supplies. The pet store is located In Kent, Washington. They have a wide variety of tropical freshwater fish. They also have a decent selection of salty water fish all which come at affordable prices. However, keeping fish pets has its own problems. Here are the 5 common Aquarium problems you may experience.

    Final Word

    Finding a reputable breeder or store to buy pet can sometimes turn to be overwhelming. With this list, you can rest assured the whole process will be a walk in the park. Try these breeders and stores, and you will be glad you did.


  • 5 Solid Reasons Why Investing in P2P Loans for Raising Pets Is a Good Thing

    You were probably a professional veterinarian and maybe thought it was time you start investing in raising pets.

    And perhaps, you don’t have enough capital to get started. So, you are thinking of getting help from one of the lending platforms to boost your new business.

    You want something that will steer you to put up with your new business and not something to defer your plans. Well, the good news is that you can secure P2P loans to get you started.

    But, what is P2P lending really?

    Peer to peer (P2P) lending is a form of borrowing from individuals without using traditional banks or credit unions. In other words, it’s social lending where individuals can borrow from each other.

    If you want to apply for loans to raise your pets, then Peer to Peer lending can be the best decision you should make, especially if you’re tired of standard investment rates that pay peanuts.

    Even though P2P lending may come with lots of risks than any other lending platforms, you’re assured of higher returns than you can ever imagine.

    However, it’s essential that you first understand how peer to peer lending works before making hasty decisions.

    So, in this post, I’ll make you understand why  P2P loans can be the best investment for raising your pets.

    But first, let’s see how peer to peer loans works and what it’s all about:

    How P2P Investment Loans Works

    Typically, peer-to-peer lending platform brings peers together to perform transactions on both ends.

    While most borrowers meet to apply for loans, investors also meet to ensure high returns are secured on their investment capital.

    The good news is that P2P loans offer lower interest rates compared to other traditional banks.

    Surprisingly, the interest earned by P2P investors is way too high than what they would have made from investing in a certified bank.

    But, that isn’t to say that P2P investment process doesn’t involve bank at all; it may still use a bank as supervisor to administer each loan awarded.

    In addition to this, there’s a criterion you’ll need to follow for you to become part of the P2P investors.

    For instance, you may need to have a good credit score on some sites, which means you must meet particular net worth or have a stiff income.

    However, this not only operates on P2P platforms but also on other traditional banks where meeting specific requirements are mandatory.

    Having said all that, I bet you now understand what P2P is all about. So very quickly let’s dive into the reasons why investing in P2P loans in raising your pets is a good thing:

    Reasons Why Investing in P2P Loans Is a Good Thing

    1. Getting Started is Quick and Easy

    It’s everyone wish to become a successful investor, but most develop cold feet after realizing how complicated it is.

    For example, if you may want to try your luck in raising pets, you’ll have to understand the market, and know more about the business you’re about to invest in.

    Even though you need to be knowledgeable before investing in P2P loans, it doesn’t mean you have to be a business guru to get started – it’s very easy!

    2. You Don’t Need Much Starting Capital

    With the current lifestyle, investment has turned out to be an American dream. This is because most dreams are shattered due to lack of starting capital – you need a ton of money to begin an investment.

    However, you don’t have to fret because, with P2P loans, you can invest with as low as $1, giving you the opportunity of testing the waters before you can make a significant decision.

    3. It’s a Safe Place to Save Your Money than a Savings Account

    Things are much different from P2P loans. Unlike savings account where you keep your money for a specific agreed term only to offer you lower interests, P2P loans will save you a lot.

    Come to think of it; you’re losing lots of money keeping your money in the bank as there is always inflation every time.

    To make it worse, you can’t access your money before the end of the contract, which means you’ll be caught pants down in case of emergencies. So, this is where P2P investment can help you a long way.

    4. P2P Borrowers’ Gains aren’t Taxed Heavily

    Just as said earlier, individuals meet together and borrow loans from each other. If you need more information, the author from has written lots of related posts. Check them out.

    What I’m I trying to say? P2P lending taxes are close to nothing because P2P investment is covered with personal savings allowance.

    5. It’s a Great Way to Prepare for Retirement

    This is the time you should be enjoying your good old days with your loved ones. But, it can be more enjoyable if you had some savings to take you through during your pension-life period.

    Imagine how stressful it is to retire and at the same time to try to fight hardship that would have been dealt with years back?

    You don’t have to be a victim of this anymore. That’s why you need to take care of your retirement situation as early as now so that by the time you’re above the age of 70, you’re good to go.

    Over To You

    With the above guidelines, I hope you’re at the right place and that you’ve got the answers to your questions.

    Whether jobless, or approaching retirement, or maybe, you’re looking forward to starting up a pet business, you don’t have to fret because P2P loans will solve your problems.

    What are you waiting for? The time to start investing in P2P is now. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

  • All You Need To Know About Keeping Fishes In An Aquarium

    If you are about to set up the first aquarium or there is something you really need to know as you already have an aquarium. Give this article a read. This article gives you the 6 tips that you need to know prior to keeping fishes.


    It is important to know some points before keeping fishes in an aquarium. Among all, the most important thing to be noted is that where to place the aquarium. The aquarium should be placed away from direct sunlight (to avoid algae) and moderate temperature.

    Do not buy aquarium and fishes at the same time! there is a need to properly investigate and know the details about the fishes you wish to buy. Among the details, you gather there should be information about the sizes of fishes, what temperature they can survive? can they live with other fishes in an aquarium? and what is their diet?

    2. Their Adjustment to Temperature

    Now, this step is the most important for fishes. Unzip the bag and put it in the side of the aquarium for 20 mins. The fishes, in this step, are still inside the bag. The reason to carry out this step is to make the fishes adapt to the temperature.

    3. Adjust them to Water

    Keeping the fishes still in the bag put some 1/3rd water to the bag. This step is also carried out in order to make the fishes adapt to the chemistry of water at home.

    4. Introduce the fishes to the aquarium

    Finally, put the fishes in the tank and make sure not to put the water in the bag in the tank. Use a net to transfer the fishes to the tank.

    5. Help them Relax

    As you have now introduced the fishes in a new ecosystem, it is recommended to turn off the light of aquarium in order to let the fishes focus on the environment rather than nearby other fishes in a tank (if any). Wait for 24 hours to feed them

    6. Attention

    Fishes of saltwater require different attention and discus fish require different. Discus fishes are vulnerable to even a minor change in the pH value of water.