An aquarium trim is usually a black plastic running at the top and bottom of an aquarium tank. Trimless tanks do not have a trim. Instead, they have a thick glass to withstand pressure from the water tank and comply with set technical safety standards. A trimless tank is made entirely of glass and silicon materials.

Unlike a braced aquarium, trimless aquarium doesn’t have a brace. As a result, it appears cleaner no wonder most people nowadays prefer trimless fish tanks. There have been numerous innovations in the aquarium industry recently. You easily can find awesome rimless fish tanks in 2019 in the market. Consequently, braces on fish tanks, especially the smaller ones, are no longer useful.

Nowadays, trimless aquariums are the standard of aquarium tanks. They offer high clarity of marine, reef, and planted aquarium. With a myriad of varieties, you can easily get an innovative and fresh size and depth. Regardless of the size, you can rest assured that you will have an aquarium that offers unmatched panoramic display. Additionally, trimless aquariums have no canopy. Therefore they have a sense of simplicity.

Advantages of Trimless aquarium

The major advantage of a trimless aquarium is their clean look. You can clearly see the water line. Well, this essentially makes one appreciate the aquarium is a water environment. Trims block the view of the waterline hence constantly creating an artificial feel. The waterline makes it more natural. Trimless tanks that have installed lighting systems add a stylish look to your home décor. We recommend a glass that has high light transmission to make the natural colors in the aquarium tanks look sharper.

There is a myriad of stupendous trimless tanks in the market. Some come with additional glass to add glamour to the color clarity of fish as they swim inside the man-made habitat. A trimless aquarium does not use canopies. Therefore you can easily access the top of the aquarium tank. Look from above the tank provides an exquisite view.


Lack of canopy can turn out to be problematic, especially if you keep jumping fish. Imagine waking up one day only to find plants in your aquarium staring at you? You can solve the problem by installing a screen on top of the tank. However, it would affect the initial purpose of choosing a trimless aquarium, which is their looks.

If you have salty water in your aquarium, it starts to form salt creep along the waterline, which is not appealing to the eye.

With a trimless aquarium, there is a possibility of water slosh over the tank edges when handling the tank, even when you have fresh water.

Why Choose a Trimless aquarium

Now that we have a pretty good idea of the pros and cons of this aquarium system let us explore its use and ideal owner.

The trimless aquarium is suitable for people who fancy aesthetics. It is also not suitable if you keep fish that jump inside the aquarium tank. It is, however, suitable for extremely careful people, especially when dealing with tanks to prevent water sloshing over. Otherwise, you will have to be very patient with water spills. With a trim, the water does not drip as much from the tank brace.

Trimless aquarium sizes

The sizes of aquarium tanks vary significantly. Some of the most common sizes include cube trimless size and nano trimless aquarium

Cube trimless aquarium

These tanks come in handy if you have a tight space. It is suitable for keeping fish such as Betta fish and other livestock.  Whether you are an experienced or newbie hobbyist, it will offer an excellent beginning or extra collection of aquariums.

Nano Trimless aquarium

This is a modification of standard size aquariums. Nano tanks offer a small but deep perspective display as you watch aquarium life of small fish species come into life.

Long Trimless aquarium

They offer bigger horizontal grounds and longer layout. It offers a sleek, panoramic, and clear view.

Standard trimless aquarium

Most aquariums are found in this category. The size ranges from 10 gallons to 100-gallon tanks. The standard aquarium offers a unique way to introduce aquarium in any space.

Most aquarium trims do not come with preinstalled accessories such as a heater, filter system, and lights. Trimless tanks are therefore suitable for aquarium owners who wish to accessorize the tanks on their own.

Trimless tanks are designed with safety at the back of the mind. The size varies depending on different needs. It is also worth noting that the thicker the glass used to make the aquarium tank the more costly the tank is.

You can also choose to have a custom made trimless aquarium with extra features such as a cabinet.