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  • All You Need To Know About Keeping Auratus Cichlid Fish

    Old days :

    The fishes of the Cichlid family was previously known as Boulenger in 1897.


    These fishes are native of Lake Malawi in Africa.

    Between Jalo Reef and Crocodile Rocks was the habitat of these. This area was made Monkey Bay, where they come in search of food. Algae found in this area is a rich source of protein for them.


    The male fishes are larger than females. The body is shaped such that to provide extra speed and power to them. Their face is shaped so that the can easily get algae. Female juveniles are more colorful than males.

    The body is of yellow colored with stripes. Fin has the same color as the body. The back of the fish is black, white and yellow the same as the color of Pelvic. The caudal din is also yellow.

    The 5cm young males are black colored with some white colored design. The caudal fin is also black.

    Sexual makeup:

    As discussed earlier female are more colorful than males but males are big in size with some yellow colored eggs on the back fin.


    Robust, are very violent and intolerant as they cannot face anyone who looks like them. It is considered as a killer. For keeping them, specific tanks are to be used like more than 1000 liters as they are very violent and do not support any other alike near them. In comparison, female are opposite and can live better with others. Females live in clusters as the male harasses them.


    In order to make them live in better condition, it is suggested to use a minimum 500 liters tank. In 500 liters, one male and 3-4 female can live in freestyle.


    The tanks are to be decorated with rocks from their natural habitat. This enables the species to live freely and special territory should be made for the males where they may take refuge.

    There should be a proper system to filter the tank water. The pump is recommended for this purpose that is responsible for aeration and mixing of water. Blue foam loaves are usually used.

    The water of Tank:

    For them to live with their full power, it is highly needed to maintain the environment in an aquarium as it is the Lake of Malawi. For making water according to the lake of Malawi the pH of it is to be kept above 7.5 and the temperature to be maintained between 24-26°C. the water is also needed to be changed frequently for the proper maintenance of nitrate. Appropriate sunlight is also needed for the production of algae the is consumed by them.


    During the incubation period, the female does not eat. Males attract the females to their territory where she can lay eggs and keep in her mouth for 3 weeks of incubation. So it is highly advised to shift the female to appropriate tank at the time of incubation. There is no chance for Melanochromis auratus in a community. Melanochromis do not form a permanent pair.


    First, it advised to not to feed the fished too much.  A vegetable diet is recommended or sometimes beef. But fats in beef can sometimes be dangerous as they can be accumulated in the liver. A homemade diet with chopped muscle and fish meat along with peas and packed in portions and then freeze are highly beneficial. Multivitamins solution can also be included in diet 4-5 time a fortnightly is also good.

    So for the full characteristics of Auratus Cichlid fish the vegetable diet, temperature of water between 24-26°C and pH bit above 7.5 is recommended. When the male becomes aggressive towards the female in incubation period it is advised to remove one to them.