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  • 5 Common Problems In Your Aquarium

    1. Water Color

    Green water, a typical issue in aquariums. The water gets this shade because of the fact that there are green growth suspended in the water. The green growth proliferate by an abundance of daylight and on the grounds that they have the essential supplements to develop.

    The speedy arrangement is to utilize a clarifier, this item will make any suspended particles precipitate at the base of the aquarium.

    2. Smelly Water

    Issues in aquariums: smells in the water. The smell of the water is a typical issue in new or exceedingly populated aquariums. If you have too many fish or you have fish too huge for the aquarium that you at present have, you ought to consider purchasing or make a bigger aquarium.

    3. Distorted Water

    Turbid water or darker water can be found in aquariums that utilizes regular wood as a major aspect of their design.

    For this situation, the solution is somewhat an anticipation. if you need to utilize regular wood as an improving component of your aquarium, remember that it must be appropriate for the aquarium, no wood fills in as they can change the water parameters.

    4. High ammonia levels

    In taking good care of aquarium, controlling ammonia levels is most challenging and important task to do.  It is a toxic substance that causes harms to fish eben can be fatal. Due to some particular behavior of fish, we experience the high concentration of ammonia in aquarium.  But the problem is that it cannot be seen with naked eye. With change water color, the toxic level of ammonia is measured. The test kit is the most accurate method of measuring ammonia level.

    5. Discontinuous growth of algae

    All the algae are harmful for aquarium. But it’s some species can cause even death of fish. They have a continuous growth process in decorations and landscapes of the aquarium due to number of contributing factors.

  • All You Need To Know About Keeping Fishes In An Aquarium

    If you are about to set up the first aquarium or there is something you really need to know as you already have an aquarium. Give this article a read. This article gives you the 6 tips that you need to know prior to keeping fishes.


    It is important to know some points before keeping fishes in an aquarium. Among all, the most important thing to be noted is that where to place the aquarium. The aquarium should be placed away from direct sunlight (to avoid algae) and moderate temperature.

    Do not buy aquarium and fishes at the same time! there is a need to properly investigate and know the details about the fishes you wish to buy. Among the details, you gather there should be information about the sizes of fishes, what temperature they can survive? can they live with other fishes in an aquarium? and what is their diet?

    2. Their Adjustment to Temperature

    Now, this step is the most important for fishes. Unzip the bag and put it in the side of the aquarium for 20 mins. The fishes, in this step, are still inside the bag. The reason to carry out this step is to make the fishes adapt to the temperature.

    3. Adjust them to Water

    Keeping the fishes still in the bag put some 1/3rd water to the bag. This step is also carried out in order to make the fishes adapt to the chemistry of water at home.

    4. Introduce the fishes to the aquarium

    Finally, put the fishes in the tank and make sure not to put the water in the bag in the tank. Use a net to transfer the fishes to the tank.

    5. Help them Relax

    As you have now introduced the fishes in a new ecosystem, it is recommended to turn off the light of aquarium in order to let the fishes focus on the environment rather than nearby other fishes in a tank (if any). Wait for 24 hours to feed them

    6. Attention

    Fishes of saltwater require different attention and discus fish require different. Discus fishes are vulnerable to even a minor change in the pH value of water.

  • Beginner: Best Fishes for Aquarium

    The one who wants to keep fishes in the aquarium has to consider some really important points. Not all fishes can live in an aquarium and some cannot live alone. It is not easy to classify among the different kind of fishes. Here is a list 20 best freshwater fishes that can be put in an aquarium


    Killifishes have the ability to live in different kind of water environments. These fishes can live with other fishes and are not vulnerable to predators. These fishes have a variety of colors.

    Tang fish:

    These fishes have the ability to live in any kind of water. Combinations of big and small fishes are always good to see. These fishes are ideal for these combinations.


    These are not for small aquariums but are for large and medium-sized aquariums. These fishes can survive with other fishes. The fishes fished are around 12cm long and are colorful.


    These fishes help to clean the aquarium because they clean the remains of food from the aquarium. These fishes can live in any size of aquarium.


    These fishes have the almost the same behavior as catfish as they live in the bottom of the tank. These fishes can live is any kind of water. These fishes are smaller than catfish.


    These fishes are omnivorous. These fishes survive on the remains of other fishes. So, this behavior makes them unique from others and one cannot keep other fishes with them.

    Koi fish:

    These are the most popular, common and abundant fishes for aquarium fishes. There is no particular rule for these fishes to survive.

    Algae eater:

    Algae fishes are lives on Algae. These fishes are known for keeping the walls of aquarium clean. These are best for keeping an the aquarium.


    These fishes are known to be best for aquarium life as they are non-violent and can live with other fishes in any kind of water. These fishes have the max size of 25cm.

    Tiger Barb:

    These fishes can live in any environment but the only problem with it is that they are not friendly with other fishes. So, it is not easy to keep these fishes with others in an aquarium.


    Toxoids can live with others. Toxoids don’t even bother the company they have. These fishes survive on the insects flying above the water of the aquarium. These fishes have a special organ by which they spit water on the insects to capture them.

    Globefish/ Balloon Fish:

    These fishes have different reactions to the new environment. These fishes are known to be the most poisonous fishes on earth. They can be aggressive but can still survive to live with other species.

    Silver Dollar:

    There is a lot of variety in these fishes. These fishes live by eating plants. They have a bad reputation for piranhas. If the fishes are well fed they can be a problem for nearby fishes in thank


    Females are generally known to be more colorful than males but in these fishes it is opposite. The males are more colorful than the female. There is no need for special care for these fishes. The male becomes brighter if the water is a bit warm.


    As rainbow makes sky beautiful these fishes make aquarium beautiful as they are colorful. When there is a proper light these fishes are very attractive.

    Yellow Perch fish:

    These fishes are known to be the best for aquarium life as these fishes can survive in very low oxygen. So these fishes are best for beginners.


    As the name indicates these fishes are the most peaceful fishes. They can easily live and survive with different fish species.

    Bala shark/Silver shark:

    These fishes resemble carp. But there is a difference between the two. One’s skeletal structure is different from others.

    Ax Fish:

    These fishes are good but difficult to maintain. These fishes have ax blade shape and live at the top of the water in an aquarium.

    Labeo fish:

    With a good diet, these fishes can grow up to 30cm. these fishes can adapt to almost all environment. So, these fishes can survive with the company in aquarium.