Many of us who go out regularly or do make up for a long period of time often face problems. That is, she got out of the house, took a little heat and took a nasty face. It is hard to find anyone who has not been in such a rush and because of the humidity in our country during the summer; there is a lot of sweat in the heat, which is one of the reasons for the makeup being thawed or soaking for a while. Another problem is that the face looks grayish or grayish shortly after makeup. This makeup is called oxidized. The number of people who have not been read in such a condition is not small. Today’s article is about what can be done to avoid these.

First, let’s look at the problem of makeup melt. The makeup of our country is very easy to melt. You can understand how to do base makeup every day or during any day of the day will not make your makeup easily, just apply these tips below.

There are some tips to avoid the problem of makeup melt:

  • Rub a piece of ice in the mouth before starting the mouth base. This will help to control excess oil secretion in the face. If you want to scrub before rubbing it will cut off the skins uneven and face wrinkles skin and no makeup after makeup.
  • Use a moisturizer, but oil free. And for those whose skin is dry, use a simple moisturizer.
  • There is no primer pair to protect and prolong makeup from melting. Rub in the face with a small amount in your hand; it will be advantageous to create a perfect base. You can order online MUA, elf primer, and primers available in the country include former, prestige primer. You will find Alma’s, paradise and former on the counters. And let’s not forget about the primer’s collection of shop décor.
  • It’s best to skip the summer foundation. Use BB Cream. If you must use the Oil Free Foundation. Dry skin holders use a little foundation with moisturizer. It prolongs coverage as well as makeup. Use it to set compact or face power. Cover the scalp with the consular. Finally, add another layer of powder with a brush to the t zone.
  • Use matte powder based eye shadow for eye makeup. For daylight use, pencil kajol and pencil eyeliner. To prevent the spread, lightly powder it. Mascara also has to be water proof. And a water proof eye liner for the night decoration. It will not be easy to sweat, but it will not ruin the eyes.
  • Heat matte lipstick is most convenient to use. Semi matte is not a problem, but it is better not to go out. After applying lipstick with a little powder, it will last for a long time.
  • Also use powder-based blushes for blushing. Choose matte bronzer for contouring.
  • Finally use the makeup setting spray. If the setting is not sprayed then spray a little rose water as it works to set makeup in almost the same way.
  • Avoid touching facial skin by hand after finishing makeup. When the sweat is wiped gently with tissue. Makeup will start to deteriorate if rubbed.
  • Whenever you feel like you are sweating and when makeup is melting, gently wipe with tissue and just wipe the sweat. Do the job carefully. Always keep tissue in the bag when it comes out.
  • Avoid heavy makeup during the day if you do not need it too much. Because the more makeup you do in the summer, the more likely it is to lose.

Always try to make the makeup last longer, especially during the day, as much as possible using oil free and water proof makeup. There is no alternative to this. As much as you can go from face to face, to kajal, mascara, lipstick. Then, after makeup, the skin becomes darker. If the pigment and moisturizer in the base you are using for makeup cannot be mixed with your skins natural oils for some reason, it reacts with the skin oil, which in turn makes your skin look black.

Minerals in the foundation that oxidize makeup by interacting with the skin are metal oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide and zinc oxide. Make up can help to hide dead skin of your face temporary.